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Connect your wallet


Download TaoWallet from Apple Store or Google Play. You can create a new wallet, import an existing wallet, vote for Masternodes and transfer/receive TAO back and forth.

Note: Under Settings you can Choose Network: Tao (Mainnet) or Tao DevNet (Testnet).



Tao will guide you how to connect MetaMask to Tao Mainnet. It is an essential step to study an overview of Tao features in term of meeting the crypto trading needs on system.

Get started! You first need to install MetaMask Extension on Chrome or Brave browsers. Once you agree to the Metamask Terms of Use and create an account successfully, follow instructions:

Step 1: Click MetaMask logo on the browser to open the Extension -> select Network -> select Custom RPC as shown below:


Step 2: When Settings screen pops up, scroll down to New Network and click Show Advanced Options. Enter the following information, then Save:

  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 88
  • Symbol: TAO
  • Nickname: Tao Mainnet


Set Privacy Mode On, if you want to connect Metamask with your hardware wallet (Trezor, Ledger Nano S).


Step 3: You are successfully connected to Tao Mainnet.


Tao is now supported by MyEtherWallet. In order to connect your MyEtherWallet wallet to Tao, all you need to do is to choose Network TAO in the dropdown network list at top right corner.



Step 1: Open Trust Wallet then go to Settings > Wallets > and tap on the plus sign in the top right corner to import a new wallet.


Step 2: Tap on Import Wallet and select Tao on the next screen


Step 3: Tap on Private Key and enter your Private key. Tap one last time on Import to complete the recovery.